Crater Lake Adventure

Rent a piece of equipment to deepen your experiences in the beautiful nature of the Crater Lake.

Electric fatbikes:
Timeless E-Fatbike is equipped with Shimano DU-8000 motor and Shimano gearbox. Whistle E-Biso electric fatbike has Bosch Performance CX 36V motor, Shimano gearbox and a flexible head. The batteries last for 50-100 km depending on the wattage used. The fatbikes suit for users of all ages of 150-190 cm in length.

40€ / 1-2 hrs
45€ / 3 hrs
50€ / 4 hrs
70€ / day
A helmet is included in the price.

Stand Up Paddles, caones and kayaks:
15€ / first hour
10€ / other hours
45€ / day
Life vests and paddles are included in the price.

Water scooter:
Yamaha Ex Deluxe (model 2018) water scooter servers you a versatile and agile vehicle to explore the Crater Lake. RiDE reverse is provided. 

55€ / 0,5 hrs including fuel
90€ / 1 hr including fuel
145€ / 3hrs NOT including fuel
225€ / day NOT including fuel
Life vests are included in the price.
Note: The renter of the water scooter must be 18 years in minimum, the user must be at least 15 years old. The user should be able to swim. The usage of the scooter is on the renter's responsibility. In cases of damage the excess share is 2500€. 

Location: Terrace Kirppu (Nykäläntie 137, Lappajärvi)

Inquiries and booking: +358 50 5224903 / Kristian Hyyppä, +358 50 3965656 / Miika Lahnalampi,