Crater Lake District

Europe's largest crater lake is the Pearl of Ostrobothnia. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Lappajärvi, Evijärvi, Vimpeli, Alajärvi and Soini, who form an area, also known as the Crater Lake district.

The Lappajärvi crater lake, created by a meteorite impact ca 78 million years ago, forms the heart of this beautiful region. It is a favourite location of both locals and tourists, because of the versatile and unique landscape that surrounds it. The municipalities of Lappajärvi and Vimpeli crown the shores of this lake, while the neighbouring towns of Evijärvi and Alajärvi each border their own lakes. The Crater Lake district offers everything from an authentic riverine landscape to - surprisingly for mainly flat Ostrobothnia - the downhill ski slopes of Lakeaharju in Vimpeli. 

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Photo: Henna Mäki
Photo: Henna Mäki

Distances from Lappajärvi village:
Evijärvi 18 km - Vimpeli 21 km - Alajärvi 39 km
Seinäjoki 86km - Vaasa 143 km - Oulu 285 km
Jyväskylä 192 km - Tampere 211 km - Helsinki 400 km

Nearest railway station: Kauhava 38 km
Nearest airport: Kruunupyy 79 km