Evijärvi Bird-Watching Tower

The estuary of river Välijoki and adjacent marshlands of Valmosanneva form a safe haven for many bird species. The best place for spotting birds is the bird-watching tower on the west bank. The bird life or the area is versatile. One of the most rare species nested in Evijärvi is the Bittern (Botaurus stellaris). Some other rarities met are Black Tern, Red-throated Diver and Osprey.

Location: The tower has a sign on Kaustisentie, one kilometer from Evijärvi towards Kaustinen (Kaustisentie 154, Evijärvi). You park your car on the yard of the water treatment plant ("jätevedenpuhdistamo") and then take some 500 meters walk to the tower.

Photos below: Sari Kujala