Paalijärvi Hiking Route

Over 22 km long ring route, established on 2018, offers rocks and viewpoints, dry heat forests and river scenes.  The narrow path in the alternating terrain includes also duckboards. The route is suitable also for mountain biking.  
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The official direction is clockwise. You don't need to make the whole route at once: thanks to several different starting points you can choose a shorter way. 

Route alternatives:

The whole route 22.3 km · Start and return: map point 1 (dance hall) (63,051326⁰N/23,915336⁰E) 

Kivenpesäkallio 2.8 km · Dry heat forests and rocks. A steep raise in the start. A "laavu" in the end. · Map points: 1 → 2 (turn back)

Myllypuro 14.2 km · Dry heat forests, hills and a bridge over a stream. · Map points: 1→2→8→ 7 (turn back)

Observation tower, long 16.6 km · Dry heat woods, duckboards and views from the tower. Map points: 1→2→3→4→5 (turn back). Starting point from the sports track, map point 6 (63,077142⁰N/23,869601⁰E)

Observation tower, short 3.8 km · steep hights and various terrain · Map points: 6→5 (turn back)

Hattukallio-Myllypuro 10 km · versatile route; dry heat woods, duckboards on swamps, roads in forests and fields, hills and a bridge over a stream. Map points: 6→7 (turn back). Starting point: map point 8 (63,070881⁰N/23,920925⁰E)

Myllypuro 3.8 km · gentle easy-to-go terrain, dry heat woods and a bridge over a stream. Map points: 8→7 (turn back)  

Photo: Aana Vainio