Pyhävuori-Lakeaharju Hiking Trails

The ridge formed by Pyhävuori and Lakeaharju is originally the edge of the meteorite impact crater. The view is rocky and forested, but at some points you can catch the great views over lake Lappajärvi.  

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Ring routes of Pyhävuori:
- Peikon kierros ca. 1 km
- OP-kierros 2,6 km
- NOTE: there are no built structures for resting or fireplaces!

Pyhävuori - Lakeaharju trail 6,6 km
- two wooden "laavu" shelters along the trail
- in Lakeaharju there is an access to Vatpakka Hiking Route (15 km)

Pyhävuori parking area: Pyhälahdentie 7421, Alajärvi  
Lakeaharju parking area: Serpentiinitie 189, Vimpeli 

Photo: Anita Salo