Experience Water

How do you prefer your water experience: enjoying the luxury of a minicruise on the Crater Lake, exploring the riverine landscape during a canoeing trip on the Välijoki river, relaxing in the quiet of a fishing trip or would you rather rent a water scooter and let it all out? We Finns love water recreation and the Crater Lake district offers plenty of activities!

Guided Fishing Tour 

Fish experiences! Instructed by a fishing guide, you will get familiarized with spinning techniques and equipment. Enjoy the very Finnish summer activity on lake Lappajärvi, which is rich with fish.

Guidebook to the Paddlers' Tar Route
Soini - Alajärvi - Vimpeli -  Lappajärvi - Evijärvi

Five rivers and five lakes form a 200 kilometer long paddling route. Click to open the guidebook and read the fascinating tales and history of the times when tar barrels were delivered here by boat. 

Crater Lake Tours

Board M/S Veannetar and enjoy the summer breeze on the largest crater lake of Europe. Sun is shining, waves are splashing... pick a mini cruise on the lake or let the boat take you to Lappajärvi summer theatre!
From 10€/person

Crater Lake Church Boat Tour

Have a church boat tour specially tailored for your group! Rowing a church boat is a memorable activity for a team, and other activities can be combined. 
From 150€+vat / group