Gallery Café

Inside the art&craft shop Kultainen Kiulukka there is a tiny café with 16 seats. The idyllic 250 years old log cabin offers you a view to either lake Lappajärvi or the golf course, and on the walls there is a selection of paper art to enjoy.
Freshly baked Finnish buns and Carelian pies are available with you coffee or tea. In summertime ice cream and other refreshments are served as well.
You may also reserve the gallery room with up to 16 seats for your private use. 

Accessibility: Unobstructed

Location: Nykäläntie 124, Lappajärvi

Opening hours: In summertime open daily according to opening hours of Kultainen Kiulukka. Outside the season open on request (during 1.1.2020-31.3.2020 not available)

Price: Coffee and bun 4€

Price includes: Coffee with a home-made bun

Contact info: +358 45 1289089 / Kaisu Huhtala