Art&craft shop Kultainen Kiulukka

In the shop of Kultainen Kiulukka you'll find exquisite handicraft crafted by around fifty different Finnish manufacturers. The range includes beautiful and inventive items for home decor, gifts and utensils. The unifying idea behind our offerings is that we support small-scale craftspeople and family businesses whose splendid and unique products you won't find elsewhere.

Inside of Onnintupa you'll also find Europe's smallest art gallery, on the shore of Europe's largest crater lake. The dark-coloured logs of the cabin form a handsome background for the shopkeeper's own paper artworks.

When you visit Kultainen Kiulukka, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake from the best possible vantage point. And if at all possible, don't miss a chance to plunge into Lake Lappajärvi for a swim! The beach at Nykälänniemi is just a stone's throw from the shop.

Accessibility: Unobstructed

Location: Nykäläntie 124, 62600 Lappajärvi (close to Hotel Kivitippu)

Opening hours: In summertime Mon-Fri at 10:00-18:00, Sat-Sun at 10:00-15:00
Outside the season: Wed-Fri at 10:00-17:00, Sat at 10:00-14:00 

Notes: Open for groups also on request, ask for a visit tel. +358 045 1289089 

Contact info: +358 45 1289 089 / Kaisu Huhtala,  email: