Lappajärven Värjäämö

Lappajärven Värjäämö, a dyeing mill, is the top visit destination of handicraft enthusiasts. Yarns, wefts, accessories and ideas can be purchased from the factory outlet.

Our dyeing mill has skilfully served its customers for more than 40 years. Originally the dyeing mill was founded to serve many rug factories in the traditional "rug district" and nowadays it also serves many handicraft enthusiasts. By the side of dyeing we have remarkable wholesale and retail of weaving and handicraft materials. Our choice consists of different natural materials, such as jute, sisal, linen, cotton, wool and paper yarns. Our products represent the Finnish craftsmanship at its best!
You can order our products online as well.  

Accessibility: Unobstructed

Location: Kankaantie 6, 62600 Lappajärvi (only about 2 km from Hotel Kivitippu) 

Opening hours: Mon-Fri at 9:00-16:00

Notes: On advanced orders we also serve groups

Contact info:  +358 40 838 5449, email: