Outdoors Hiking

The Crater Lake district offers hikers a diverse nature: from short paths to longer hiking trails, equipped with typical wooden "laavu" shelters and fireplaces. Most hiking trails are suitable for mountain biking also.

"Luonto liikuttaa" brochure

Hiking trails, beaches and "laavu" shelters in Crater Lake district - click to open the map! (in Finnish only)

Crater Lake Geo Trail
Lappajärvi, Vimpeli, Alajärvi

Discover interesting gelogical familiarizion points, remains of the meteor impact around lake Lappajärvi. 

Leipätie Hiking Trail

From Hernesniemi, Lappajärvi to  Hanhivuori and all the way to Pietarsaari!

Evijärvi Bird-Watching Tower

The estuary of river Välijoki and adjacent marshlands of Valmosanneva form a safe haven for many bird species. The best place for spotting birds is the bird-watching tower on the west bank. 

Vieresniemi Barrier-Free Hiking Path


0,7 km long, easy barrier-free hiking path is located on the eastern shore of Lappajärvi. 

Vatpakka Hiking Route

15 km long route in Vimpeli and Alajärvi offers some variation in altitude. From the route, there is an entry to Lakeaharju-Pyhävuori hiking trail.

Paalijärvi Hiking Route

22 km long ring route offers rocks and viewpoints, forests and rapids. Several shorter variations are also available! 

Pyhävuori-Lakeaharju Hiking Trails
Alajärvi - Vimpeli

Pyhävuori- Lakeavaara region was originally formed by the meteor, being the edge of the impact crater. The view over lake Lappajärvi is awesome.  

Valkealampi Hiking Routes
Lehtimäki (Alajärvi)

Several easy-going route alternatives in a terrain resembling Lapland. 

Arpainen Hiking Trails

Three different quite short routes go through open, untouched esker landscape with the feeling of wild. Try the sauna by the riverside and spend the night in a wilderness hut! 

Kuninkaanpuisto Hiking Route

7,2 km long route offers marshlands and forest paths on the ancient hunting grounds of King Kustaa Vaasa (king of Sweden from 1523 to 1560). The relatively easy terrain suits the whole family.

Kuninkaanpolku Hiking Trail

10 km long, somewhat arduous trail takes you to lush, yet steep river valleys where the beavers build their embankments.