Sports and Exercise

Need some movement? Pick your favourite sport and get going!

Lakis Ski Center


Downhill skiing on the edge of the impact crater! The easy, enjoyable ski slopes suit for people of all ages and skills. As a bonus, you'll have a wonderful view over lake Lappajärvi.
From 15€

Golfer's Dream


The 18-hole golf course owned by Järviseudun Golfseura is situated by the shore of the Crater Lake, offering golfers a unique terrain and landscape for playing.
From 25€

Lakeaharju Workout Stairs

550 steps to the top of Lakeaharju! Enjoy your exercise with a wonderful view over the Crater Lake. 

Cultural Biking Routes
Lappajärvi, Evijärvi, Vimpeli, Alajärvi

Several suggestions for biking routes with interesting points of familiarization. 


Disc Golf
Lappajärvi, Evijärvi, Vimpeli, Alajärvi

Summary of disc golf tracks of the Crater Lake district.