Terrace Kirppu

Terrace Kirppu is a beach restaurant on a superior vantage point by the Crater Lake. Pick your seat from the terrace with the view, or on rainy days from inside.

On the menu you'll find for example chicken wings meals and sausages manufactured of the local highlander beef. Beer, cider and other alcohol drinks are available, as well as coffee and ice cream.
The outdoors stage of Terrace Kirppu is a scene for live music on summer Saturdays, sometimes even on weekdays. Check the schedule of the coolest routs of the Crater Lake from Facebook!
From Terrace Kirppu you may rent sports equipment: see Crater Lake Adventure. You can also book Lappajärvi summer theatre tickets and fishing trips here. Don't miss the excellent beach nearby Terrace Kirppu - the children will love it!

Accessibility: Unobstructed

Location: Nykäläntie 137, Lappajärvi

Opening hours: See Facebook

Price: Wings meal 10€

Price includes: 8 pcs of wings, friend potatoes/sweet potatoes, Hot Wings sauce, dip

Contact info: +358 50 5224903 / Kristian Hyyppä, +358 50 3965656 / Miika Lahnalampi