Trained Masseuse Sari Sulkakoski

Traditional massage / Sports massage is a muscle relaxing massaging method. Sports massage is a part of muscular care. Sports masseuse uses appropriate methods either from traditonal massage or sports massage, depending on the goals of the treatment and the massage area. Price from 30€/30 min

Mastication muscle massage consists of massaging the muscles of the upper back, neck, back of the neck, pectoral muscles, head and face, and mastication muscles. Price 54€/75min

Zone therapeutic massage during pregnancy a safe and deeply relaxing type of treatment, which can be used at any point of pregnancy. The treatment consists of caressing zone therapeutic points on the body. Price 50€/75 min

Zone therapeutic massage for babies includes soft massage, which helps relaxing tght muscles, and helps bowel movement. This is done by using motons from ione therapy. The treatment eases abdominal discomfort efficiently, relaxes the whole body, extends sleep, and increases sleep quality and rhythms. Baby massage strengthens the immunity system and helps keeping the child content. Price 43€/45-60 min

Kalevala bone-setting method as a journeyman
Kalevala bone-setting is an old and traditional method which is based on mechanical manipulation and balancing of the kinetic chains within the supporting framework of the body. In the Kalevala bone-setting method the whole structural framework is balanced with mobilizing movements and methods, all the way from the sole of the foot and up to the base of the skull. Price 70€/90-120 min

Accessibility: Unobstructed

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